Re: Neutron fluence in spallation reaction

From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 17:17:29 +0200

As I told you in my previous mail, you must choose one of the two:
- fluence as a function of energy (USRTRACK)
- fluence as a function of position (USRBIN)
You can also have both separately in your input.
To have both with a same detector, you need to define many regions, as you
suggest, or write a user routine (FLUSCW). But the latter is not easy for a

Please don't write to me privately, but keep the discussion on the FLUKA
discussion list. Other people may be interested, or somebody could offer
a better answer than mine.


On Tue, 15 May 2012, ? wrote:

> Dear Albert Farro
> Thank you for your help! I have considered USRTRACK card carefully at your
> instruction. With USRTRACK card, I may get neutron fluence as a function of
> both energy and position by setting many USRTRACK cards at different position,
> which needs many regions too. Is there any more direct way to avoid defining
> so many regions?

> Thank you one more time!
> Guojun Hu
> -original message-
> Subject: Re: Neutron fluence in spallation reaction
> From: "Alberto Fasso'" <>
> Date: 15/05/2012 07:16
> Dear Guojun Hu,
> neutron fluence can be calculated directly using the USRTRACK command.
> That gives you tracklength density (or fluence, which is the same thing)
> as a function of energy.
> Also USRBIN can directly calculate fluence, but as a function of position
> in space and not of energy.
> Alberto
> On Mon, 14 May 2012, wrote:
>> Dear FLUKA experts and users,
>> I am using FLUKA to simulate the Neutron fluence,as a function of position
>> and energy, in Proton induced spallation reaction, I want to get the Neutron
>> fluence in a Cylindrical system.But,as far as what I have learnd, I found
>> there is no particular card can be used to estimate directly, both USRBIN and
>> USRYIELD has been considered.The detailed description of the problem is
>> attached.
>> Could you please help me with my problem? Thanks!
>> Guojun Hu

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