Question about energy deposition in the matter.

From: Rogerio Burgugi <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 19:39:08 +0000


Using Fluka I built a geometrical setup similar to the detector ZDC of Large
Hadron Collider. Then I simulates one neutron of momentum 1 TeV/c
impinging on this detector. The output file userdump (collision tape) produces
data concerning continuous energy deposition and data concerning local (point)
energy deposition. After the simulation=2C I built a program using ROOT to get
the sum total of the variable RULL (amount of energy deposited) and the sum
total of the variable DTRACK (energy deposition along the trajectory). Now,
realizing the sum of these two quantities I get a value greater than 1 TeV.
Where is the mistake? I was expecting a result less than 1 TeV.

Could you explain the reason of this difference?

Thank you in advance=2C

Rogerio G. Burgugi
Institute of Physics=2C University of Sao Paulo - Brazil
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