Proton Fluence

From: Carl Eichert <>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 14:51:32 -0700

Hi FLUKA team,

I am trying to plot a graph in ROOT that shows proton scattering from
cosmic ray collisions on galactic gas (gaseous hydrogen). The plot that I
have attached is a proton beam at 10 TeV and 1 TeV. I believe it shows a
particle shower of all secondaries and not just proton secondaries. Also
attached is the input card I ran in FLUKA. How can I plot a graph that only
shows proton secondaries? If I am incorrect and the graph actually does
show only proton showers, please inform me as my interpretation is
incorrect. Thank you.

Very Respectfully,
Clemson University, Det. 770
B.S. Physics

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