RE: Bug in geometry debugger

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 10:09:43 +0200

Dear Joseph,
you have just hit a numerical precision problem, that FLUKA was trying to protect.
For a certain position in the GEOEND scanning FLUKA generates a ray that passes
exactly from an edge of a RCC. However due to precision FLUKA returns
the Rin (Distance to inside RCC) > than Rout (Distance to out) in the last
4-5 digits. Something that can only happen on CONCAVE objects therefore only
on QUA. However the type is not QUA and FLUKA stops.

We are working on a fix, in the mean time a temporary solution would be to
set a different scanning grid e.g.
and you will not see that problem

From: [] on behalf of Joseph Comfort []=0A=
Sent: 17 September 2012 23:58
Subject: Bug in geometry debugger

I am encountering what appears to be a bug in the geometry debugger.
The .err file for the case says (only)
    Abort called from FLKAGG reason CONCAVE-2!=3DQUA Run stopped!
I am using only RPP and RCC (no QUA).
The case seems to run fine with the debugger off.
I installed the latest Fluka, dated Sept. 9.

Thank you.
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