RE: How to keep the coordinate system the same when plotting usrbin distributions

From: Santana, Mario <msantana_at_SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:40:56 -0700

Hi Mina,

It is difficult to understand through text how exactly things should look like (i.e. where's the beam with respect to the geometry,
orientation, preferred viewing projection...).
In the example that I sent earlier, I just wanted to show the knobs you have to customize your plot. It was not meant to be used
literarily. If the usrbin plot looks like you want it to look like, I suggest that you play with the axis of the
'TR24_Mo100_BPdistXZ_lg.geo.dat' (not Geometry-PlanView.dat), as I showed in my previous example, for instance swap axis 3:5:(0)
instead of 5:3:(0), OR/AND apply reflections, e.g. (-$5):3:(0). If you know what you are doing you will get it right away, otherwise
it should just take a couple of trials till you properly underlay your geometry with your data in the wished projection.


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Hello Mario,

Thank you for your suggestion. I just realized that the png files saved directly through flair were of size zero! This happens
when I save images in png format through flair. This time, I saved them as eps files and converted them to png to reduce the sizes.

As you will see in the Geometry-XZ.png file, the coordinate system I have chosen (a right-handed system) is such that y is pointing
up with xz in the plane of the beam. In the case of this cyclotron, there is more than one beam line and target. I have started
with two beamlines on the left side of the cyclotron. There will be at least one more on the right side. So in this plan view, we
are looking down. The geometry plot looks as I have constructed the geometry in the input file.

The second image, TR24_Mo100_BPdistXZ_lg_orig.png, is the beam particle distribution for the target that sits off of the top
beamline but as you can see flair shows the reflected image (x -> -x).

If I follow what you suggested, i.e.
splot 'TR24_Mo100_BPdistXZ_lg.dat' us 1:(-$2):3 notitle ,'Geometry-PlanView.dat' ind 0 us 5:3:(0) w l ls 1 notit I get
TR24_Mo100_BPdistXZ_lg.png, where the beam distribution is plotted correctly but the geometry itself is not reflected to match the
reality. How do I get around this?

I guess my question is why does the flip (reflection) happen to begin with if I am not specifically asking for it? I would like to
see the distributions overlayed the geometry as constructed.

Thank you again Mario.
Best wishes,
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