RE: How to keep the coordinate system the same when plotting usrbin distributions

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Hi Mina,

I guess that if you use the 'standard' CERN reference frame (zam, x
Otherwise, you can easily get around this by customizing your plot in the gnuplot instruction box.
For instance, if you have a plot called "topview", you will type something like:

splot 'topview.dat' us (-$1):($2):($3*1E5) notitle, 'topview.geo.dat' ind 0 us (-$4):3:(0) w l ls 1 notit

Where 1E5 is the normalization factor in my example. You may have to use the 'plot' and 'replot' keys and play around with the axis
It is useful to look at the flair output window to see what it is interpreted.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: How to keep the coordinate system the same when plotting usrbin distributions

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that when plotting quantities scored via usrbin, the vertical axis is reversed (+ to - and vice versa).
This doesn't happen when plotting the geometry (plan view of the layout for instance). How can one keep the viewpoint the same when
looking at 2D
plots of a 3D distribution? I am not sure why this happens in the first place since it makes visualizing things difficult.

Attached please find two plots which show this effect. The first one is a simple geometry plot of the setup where the axis
directions are the same as constructed in the geometry. The second one is the beamparticle distribution on the same plane. Here the vertical axis (X in my
case) is flipped by

Thanks and best wishes,
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