Re: How to keep the coordinate system the same when plotting usrbin distributions

From: Mina Nozar <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:23:51 -0700

Dear Vasislis,

Hello and thank you for the explanations,

Of the suggested solutions, only the "inversion of the axis" works, i.e. set yrange [:] reverse

Mario's suggestion, i.e. to play with the plotting command works to some degree but I noticed that although both the
data and geometry get flipped around the vertical axis, the numbers on the y axis don't change sign which makes things
confusing. I don't know why this happens.

Swapping does not accomplish what we need. work since it swaps the axes. Our goal is to keep the same viewpoint in a
2D projection of a usrbin plot as in the geometry and this entails flipping of the vertical axis only.

Best wishes,

On 12-10-16 12:20 AM, Vasilis Vlachoudis wrote:
> Dear Mina,
> in 3D is difficult for the program to predict how you want to display the geometry.
> E.g. if you look the geometry from below or above you will get a flipped image.
> In any case there are several ways of correcting that inside flair
> In the Geometry Plot you can select the axis with the drop down menu on the middle-right side.
> You have all possible combinations of X,Y,Z and as well U,V (the relative axis you are projecting your geometry to).
> However you don't have the negative values, but this you can do in the Commands textbox by inverting the axis
> e.g.
> To invert the y-plotting axis
> set yrange [:] reverse
> In the Usrbin frame you have exactly the same information for the geometry and also the "swap" button for the data.
> As well you can always use the commands textbox to invert the axis.
> Cheers
> Vasilis
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