Questions about EM interactions and scoring

From: Michele Marziani <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 12:33:08 +0100

Dear Fluka experts,

I'm evaluating the suitability of Fluka for EMF-only simulations below
100 keV. I would like confirmation on a couple of items:

1) There is no modelling of electron impact ionization with subsequent
atomic relaxations and characteristic x-ray production. Is it correct?

2) Is there any way to mimic a "point detector" in MCNP/MCNPX jargon?
i.e. a partially-deterministic variance reduction technique called "next
event estimator" because it is a fluence tally at a point if the next
event is a trajectory without further collision directly to the point
detector. It would be useful as an alternative to a track-length fluence
estimator for very small volumes far from the source, at specific

Thank you,

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