Re: neutron source subroutine

From: Xu Lijun <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 19:08:45 +0800

Dear experts,
      I have compiled the subroutine cfs.f and gs.f . But there was error linking executable file, namely the executable file of cfs.f couldn't be built. May there be a mistake in my subroutine file. Could experts help me revise it ?
     And there is another problem about the subroutine gs.f. when I run it with source card, the result will change corresponding to the energy value in the beam card. And I think there should be no relation between the result with the beam card. Could anyone tell me why? Did me misuse source card? I just add a source card in the input file, and didn't write any value.
Best regards,

2012-11-2412:35 Vasilis Vlachoudis д

> Hi Weihua,
> the continuation lines in fortran should be flag with a character in column 6,
> you had inserted a space in all lines thus moving the cont character to column 7
> and fortran was not accepting it
> Attached you can find the two modified files that now compile.
> Cheers
> Vasilis
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> Sent: 22 November 2012 11:36
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> Subject: neutron source subroutine
> Dear fluka experts,
> The neutron source subroutine in the last email was beyond 72 column. Tt maybe a mistake during coping and uploading. I checked my subroutine and found that the column was not bigger than 72. Then I revised it and it still can't work. Could the experts help me revise it? Any advice is appreciated.
> And there is another problem: a Co-60 subroutine can't work now what I once compiled successfully. I don't know the reason. Please help me find out why, thanks.
> P.S. If the column is bigger than 72, it just a mistake because of coping. please ignore it.
> Best regards,
> weihua
> <cfs.f><gs.f>
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