Fluka2011.2.17 released (respin of Fluka2011.2)

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 20:43:05 +0100

Dear Fluka users

fluka2011.2.17 (a respin of Fluka2011.2) has been just released.

This respin addresses the following issues:

a) some (unwanted) crashes when no EMF production cut is present in the
     input file, or no delta ray production is selected are fixed. They
     stem from a (faulty) attempt in 2011.2.16 to "force" EMF production
     cuts to be explicitly given as warmly suggested. Still it is highly
     recommended to input explicitly EMF production cuts according to
     the specific problem/geometry without relying acritically
     on defaults
b) a mistake for which an older version of the rqmd library was packaged
     in the gfortran tar file (and in the gfortran only) has been corrected.
     As a result a previously solved issue with rqmd was appearing again
     for some of the gfortran users
c) some sanity checks have been introduced to avoid that some critical
     "core" routines are not overriden by mistake with incompatible
     versions: it should affect almost nobody
d) An inversion of resonance production channels for n-n (neutron-neutron)
     interactions has been corrected (it was there since 20+ years...)
     As a result, all h-A interactions in the 0.5-5 GeV energy range
     may change. The impact is apparently minor and did not affect in
     any significant way our standard benchamrking suites. However it cannot
     be excluded that some specific problems could see a difference.

As a consequence of d) random number sequences will surely change.
Therefore, even more than usual all users are urged to update to the new
respin. Support will be provided only for the latest respin, and, given d)
and the licensing terms, future publications should only make use of the
last respin if any hA interaction, primary or secondary, in the energy
range indicated above is involved

                      The Fluka developer team

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