Something wrong with Diffusion coefficient of OPT-PROP ?

From: zhiqiu li <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 15:59:20 -0500

Dear group,

During my experiment with Cherenkov optical photon generation, I got
puzzled about the definition of diffusion coefficient in OPT-PROP

According to the online manual of OPT-PROP card, the unit of diffusion
coefficient is cm^-1. And at the bottom of that page, a example value
of 1.22 cm^-1 was given, and it claimed to be according to Querry's
paper on Appl.Opt. 17, 3587 (1978).

But from my knowledge, diffusion coefficient should be in unit of cm,
instead of cm^-1, because :

diffusion_coefficient = 1/3(absorption_coefficient +

where the unit of absorption and scattering coefficients is cm^-1, and
"reduced" takes anisotropy into consideration.

So the diffusion coefficient in OPT-PROP actually means
reduced_scatter_coefficient ?

And the value of 1.22 cm^-1 in the example seems not right, it should
be 1.22E-05 cm^-1, as you can see from the attached snapshot of the
1978 paper it claimed. (emphasized with red box)

Hope someone can clarify that to me. Thanks very much~

- Zhiqiu Li

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