Thermal Neutrons Response via PPAC-Detector

From: 파르자나아호마드 <>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2013 19:16:30 +0900

Dear Fluka Users & Experts,


We want to simulate LiF-converter based PPAC (Parallel Plate Avalanche Counter) response for thermal neutron, using FLUKA.


(a)    Our question is whether it is possible to simulate thermal neutrons via using the 6LiF-converter?

We tried to simulate but could not find the detector response via Fluka.


(b)   Thus decided to use, 3Li6- converter instead. However, as the density of the 3Li6- converter is much less than LiF, so we getting very lower response.

Is there any possibility to perform such work via FLUKA.


(c)    We used the following mechanism to detect thermal neutrons via 3Li7- converter-based PPAC detector.


Neutrons + Li -------------? H3 + He4


(The Figure for such mechanism is attached with this mail).


Here one point we want to clarify that we can detect thermal neutrons if we detect them at the converter layer.


However if we detect at the gas-gap (Isobutane) we can find the secondary particles there, why we get such behavior?


We will keep waiting for the reply!


Dr. M. Jamil and Kim Hyun Gee

Konkuk University,




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