RE: secondary electron production theory

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 09:50:06 +0000

Dear Saneesh

indeed ionization losses occur through electron (delta rays) and nuclear recoils. FLUKA is treating the energy losses as continuous and/or discrete events depending
whether a coulomb interaction results in a “substantial” energy to be transfered. This threshold is controlled with the DELTARAY card. Please look the manual how to
lower the threshold of the delta ray production. However if you lower too much you are going to explode the CPU time.

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Subject: secondary electron production theory

Dear fluka users,
       I have tried to study the secondary electron production using fluka.
For this I have used a carbon(C-12) beam of energy 1200MeV. The
position of Bragg's peak in my medium is near 2.5cm. Interestingly, I
have found that production of secondary electrons is maximum near the
starting edge of the sample rather than at Bragg's peak (where the
beam looses maximum of its energy). I have come to a conclusion that
though the energy loss by the beam is maximum at Bragg's peak, loss
per interaction is less than the ionization potential. The 2D images
of energy deposited by the Carbon beam and the secondary electrons
are attached along this mail. Please help me to understand the
physics behind this (or, some relevant references regarding this
Thanks in advance
Saneesh N
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