USRBIN scoring by Region and volume normalization

From: Francesco Collamati <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 14:44:32 +0200

Hello Fluka Users
I'm writing (again!) because in the understanding of the meaning of my simulation output I came across a doubt I was not able to resolve.

I am using a USRBIN scoring (of DOSE-EQ) with Region binning. According to the manual, this should give a result which is not normalized per volume, but only per primary particle.
However, i found my result quite different from the one expected, and googling a bit I found this fluka discussion (
in which it is reported:
This means that with the region binning option you will not get the average
fluence in the volume (in part/cm^2), but the total tracklength in the
selected region. To get the fluence and finally the correct average dose
equivalent (always in pSv/primary) you have to divide offline by the volume.

so, which is the truth!?
how can i get the total eq-dose in a certain region!?
thanks again
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