spherical sources

From: Marzieh Anjomrouz <mm.anjom_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013 11:02:59 +0430

Dear FLUKA Users

I want to define a source with 4 radioactive spheres filled by Palladium
and placed in 4 positions as shown in the picture. So I defined a Beam card
(ISOTOPE) along with a HI-PROBE (z=46,A=103).

Now my questions:

1) I know definition of spherical source (via 2 BEAMPOS, one for
position of sphere and one for spherical shape) but I do not know how can I
define 4 spherical sources located in 4 positions in one input file? Do I
set 2 BEAMPOS cards for every source (8 BEAMPOS cards)? Do the FLUKA
diagnose each spherical shape and followed position came after as a one

2) As seen in the picture, 2 internal spheres are not radioactive, so
should I set MAT(decay) in the relevant ASSINMA card to vacuum to ignore
decay interactions?



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