Respin Fluka2011.2b.3 released

From: Alfredo Ferrari <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:24:58 +0200

Dear Fluka users

a respin, fluka2011.2b.3, has been just pushed to the web site.

This respin fixes the following issues (please give particular attention
to the first one):

- a possible problem when expanding parentheses in geometry, when part
    of the bodies in the region definition do have a transformation with
    negative index. This problem has been pointed out by Razvan Popescu
    who very efficiently provided a clean and simple example which allowed
    us to quickly find and fix a very subtle issue. If you have a geometry
    making use of parentheses where at the same time some of the bodies
    referenced in the regions with parentheses are under negative
    transformations, please check the results with the new respin,
    maybe or maybe not you were affected
- a protection has been built into the code in order to stop immediately
    the execution if a (total energy) trasport or production threshold for
    e+/e- below 511 keV is mistakenly input. Many people were inadvertently
    inputting a (positive -> total energy) threshold in the EMFCUT card
    thinking it was a kinetic energy threshold (which is possible inputting
    a negative number): the code was raising it to the minimum allowed
    threshold, 1 keV kinetic 512 keV total, and printing the reworked
    threshold in the output, however most people did not realize the
    mistake and went on running with a very CPU expensive threshold
    without being aware
- a protection has been built into the compilation scripts for the
    gfortran version, so that gfortran versions < 4.6 are forbidden.
    As detailed many times on the list we have evidence of gross
    miscompilations up to gfortran-4.5.x included
- a very rare crash when computing DPA's or NIEL for particles
    very close to zero energy has been fixed

As usual assistance/help will be provided only for the latest respin. All
users are invited to update their version as soon as possible

           The FLUKA developer team
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