[fluka-discuss]: Best way to generate decay-like unidirectional electrons

From: Francesco Collamati <francesco.collamati_at_roma1.infn.it>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 12:47:35 +0200

Dear Fluka experts, I write to you not exactly for a question, but I would say for an advice!
I would like to simulate a pencil beam (thus unidirectional) of electrons having the energy spectrum of Ittrium-90 decay (endpoint ~2.3MeV).
I thought a few ways to do it, but I would ask to you which one (of this, or of others!) is the smarter in term of CPU usage:
- Use Isotope Card, that is properly producing electrons, but in the whole solid angle. Then I can kill all the particles not in the right direction via som,e biasing technique, or using a very small sphere of "blackhole" with a small hole.
- I saw in Flair that in Beam card there is under DeltaP a choice named "function", that however seems not to be selectable. Is it deprecated?
- Use a user routine to create particles in my direction, but I would need an algorithm to generate electrons from Ittrium decay..

So, am I forgetting a smarter way to do this?
Consider that I am going to use this simulation for simple small cases. So if option number 1 (the simplest for me to setup) is let's say just 50% slower than option number 3!
Thanks for your attention

p.s. I am using the last fluka and flairs..

Francesco Collamati
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