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From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2013 02:20:47 +0100

Dear Ghazaleh,

when you build a lattice structure you have to go -basically-through 3 steps:
1. fully define the basic unit of the geometry (the "prototype");
2. define all the container regions that represent the lattice cells
    wherein the prototype has to be replicated;
3. define the transformations that bring each container region
    over the prototype.
You did correctly 1. and 3. (for only one lattice), but you forgot to define
the container region(s)! You have to do it: for each of your 100 lattices you
need to define a such container (the reason is clear: when during the tracking
a particle enter a container region, the program applies the transformation to
go in the prototype and perform the tracking there, as long as the particle
stays within the region). You don't need to assign a material to the container

Pay attention also to the transformations: you have to define one
transformation for each container, in order to bring each replica over the
Note that if you define the containers applying ROT-DEFI_# tranformations that
move the prototype (your Union region) in the containers, the LATTICE
transformations that bring the replicas over the prototype will simply be the
inverse ones -(ROT-DEFI_#).

Alternatively, to define the transformations you could program a user routine
(lattic.f, see chapter 13.2.10 in the manual if you want to follow this way)

Hope it helps,

Kind regards,

Am Wed, 30 Oct 2013 08:53:51 +0330 schrieb
> Dear Fluka user
> hello
> I want to lattice my region 'union' in input file with deltaz=0.034 and
> piangle=3.6 for 100 step.
> but I cant see my lattice geometry in geometry editor
> please help me
> with best regard
> Ghazaleh

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