Re: [fluka-discuss]: Low energy neutrons - Floating point exception

From: Artem Zontikov <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 19:19:09 +0300

Hi again,
I tried to reproduce this error by attaching different particles to the
BEAM card. Other input cards, geometry and SOURCE subroutine were
unchanged. It seems it works fine with PHOTON, ELECTRON, POSITRON and
PROTON. So, my guess - the error described above (in case of NEUTRON) has
something with neutron cross-sections for nitrogen (as I mentioned it is
possible to eliminate the problem by attaching other cross-section via
LOW-MAT card).
I am just wondering if someone tried to run this example? Have you got any
warnings in *.out files? Maybe they differ from mine or the problem is
with the fortran compiler, operating system, etc...

> Dear users and experts,
> I've just faced a problem with simulating low-energy neutrons penetrating
> in some pre-defined materials. Fluka 2011.2b-4 crashes with floating point
> exception when pre-defined hydrogen or nitrogen is used (or compounds with
> them - i.e. water or air) as a material. Here is an information from
> debug and all other files are in the attachment:
> Program terminated with signal 8, Arithmetic exception.
> #0 kasneu_ (ekin=0x99487a8, pla=0x9948840, wate=0x9948860, txx=0x9948848,
> tyy=0x9948850, tzz=0x9948858, xx=0x9948740, yy=0x9948748,
> zz=0x9948750,
> llo=0x9948714, mmreg=0x9948700, ldcynt=0x9943934, ierr=0x9943874)
> at kasneu.f:631
> #1 0x0811507b in kaskad_ (ierr=0x9943874) at kaskad.f:3844
> #2 0x08107841 in feeder_ (kendcn=0x98c9f5c) at feeder.f:257
> #3 0x0804e46f in flukam_ (iflgeo=0x8661a98) at flukam.f:3150
> #4 0x08049492 in MAIN__ () at fluka.f:289
> #5 0x08661989 in main ()
> Other pre-defined materials do not reproduce this error. Using LOW-MAT
> option with other material's cross-section attached to hydrogen or
> nitrogen makes error to disappear as well.
> Looking for any help, thanks in advance.
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