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Hi Cheick,

1. USRBDX is what you need. With what(1)=1 it will give you the neutron current from region 7 to region 6 over the defined energy range.
   If you want to see the ones that don't do any interaction you can either use the BEAMPART as scoring particle, or you restrict your energy range around your source. For more inforamation look the course slides on scoring https://www.fluka.org/free_download/course/dresden2013/Lectures/07_Scoring_1013.pdf
2. Unfortunatelly there is no straight forward way to get reaction rates for low energy neutron below 20 MeV. Look the https://www.fluka.org/free_download/course/dresden2013/Lectures/10_Low_Energy_Neutrons_1013.pdf. The reactions like (n,a) and (n,p) do not exist (apart from some
specific cases). The (n,g) could possibly be intercepted but only with a user routine and it is complicated.


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Dear fluka users
I am novice in Fluka, and Iím trying the modeling of my experience; the implementation of my experimental geometry is now done and I try to get scoring. So I have two questions about that :

1. For simply, I have a small neutron source placed inside a big container sphere and, I would like to get the neutron leakage outside my container (a number of neutrons emitted by my source and outgoing of the container without interaction). I tried to use at first USRDBX card like following :

USRBDX 1.0 8.0 22.0 7.0 6.0 LeakNeu

USRBDX 1.9E-2 1.0E-14
Where 7 is my container and 6 the housing. But I donít understand the outcome. Does somebody can explain what is the best method to do that ?

2. In the second time I would like to get the neutron reaction rates inside the container filled with MNSOH liquid, for instance the neutron capture rates on H Mn or S elements (n,gamma), (nalpha), (n,proton). I am looking for any clues or advices to do that ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help

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