[fluka-discuss]: Age of the particles

From: BenLIU <ben.liu_at_pi.infn.it>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 13:04:00 +0100

Dear FLUKA users,

        I am trying to add random random time structure in fluka
source.f(AGESTK(NPFLKA)=FLRNDM (XXX)), and of course we need the
primaries' age for the further use. I tried to read the AGESTK in the
mgdraw.f SODRAW entry, but returns zero always. AGESTK is the age of
particle respect to real time zero. Am I doing this in the right way?

       I try it with simple COMMON block to pass the value out in
source.f, but not successful. I am so sure about the users' COMMON BLOCK.

       Another question is the ATRACK, if I have two primaries at
different time, a photon(daughter particle of the second primary)'s
ATRACK value is respect to the start point (loaded into the main
stack)of his father primary particle(the second primary) not the first
one. So if I want the real timestamp of the photon I should also add the
primary age respect to real time zero. Am I correct?

       At last, I also try to read the COMMON block /SOUEVT/, which is
the saved bank of source particles. But there is the limitation of the
numbers of the particles, MXSOEV = 100. Is this parameter able to be


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