[fluka-discuss]: Neutral kaons

From: Joseph Comfort <Joseph.Comfort_at_asu.edu>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 11:11:06 -0700

I remember reading a few years ago that handling neutral kaons at the
amplitude level, for regeneration, was being developed. What is the
status of that?

In looking at particles produced by protons on a production target, I
see nearly all K0 and K0bar, and zero or small K0L and K0S. How do I
know that I actually have a K0L at a downstream point?

For historical reasons, I have long been converting Fluka particle codes
to Geant3 codes. Because Geant3 does not have K0 and K0bar, I
mapped these particles to the K0L code. Now, I am trying to use only
Fluka codes, and my K0L yield (in the Fluka code) dropped by a factor of
~400. I am unsure what the actual yield is supposed to be. (My
previous calculations agreed with our measured flux within 15%.)

The documentation for Geant4 says that K0 and K0bar are decayed
immediately into K0L/K0S. What does Fluka do? Is the treatment
different from that for pi0's (which give zero yields on outputs) or
eta's (which are said to be tracked, but I can't get any information
about them)?

Thank you.

Joe Comfort
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