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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 23:44:28 +0900

Dear, Dr. Vittorio Boccone.


Most of all, I would like to say thank you for your specific comments.^^

It is great help for me to understand hooking action through fluka.

Based on your advices, I think there is no hooking action after end of each
"event" and each "cycle" on fluka.

I mean there is only hooking action after end of each interaction.


Ok!. as you mentioned, it is likely that off-line calculation is only way
for calc. of dose avg. LET.

I will calculate dose avg. LET by using possible ways you mentioned already.


Thank you for your help!!~~^^

Have a nice day!!~~^^


Best Regards,

Kyung-Nam Lee


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On 9/3/14 9:24 AM, Kyung-Nam Lee wrote:

Dear, FLUKA advanced user.


I would like to calculate Dose Averaged LET at each voxel.

Because given fluka scoring commands cannot give the quantity, I try to use
user routine(comscw.f).

Dose Averaged LET can be defined like this formula.


(LET_d: Dose Averaged LET, LET: particle LET, D: absorbed dose by ith
particle, D_total: Total dose at voxel)


For calc. of Dose averaged LET, I make a modified comscw.f file. This file
is attached on this email.

I think TRACKR common variables can be used for that work. So, the contents
is like this.

TRACKR common variables contains the history of the currently transported

========================= (The partial contents of comscw.f, grammar: not
considered exactly) =================


       If (JSCRNG .EQ. 2) THEN


       END If



As you know, this code cannot be used because we cannot know D_total not


Do two USRBIN one with LET*D and the second with DOSE. Do the Dtot
normalization offline.

So, most of all, I would like to ask whether the usage of Dtrack and Ttrack
on this code is used properly or not.

I think Dtrack(i) and Ttrack(i) means energy deposition of the ith
deposition event and length of the ith track segment, respectively.

I think the calculation is fine. If you are using the embedded scoring you
could just calculate the Energy deposited and

But, I input "1" temporarily as a index number because I cannot know how to
get index number "i" from commom variables.

If you give proper usage about using Dtrack and Ttrack, it will be great
help for modifying the code.

Also, for Dose avg. LET, Summation value of LET_i*Dose_i at each voxel needs
to be divided by D_total(dose at voxel).

You can't control that. The Voxels are just a way to create the geometry as
I mentioned in my first e-mail.
The COMSCW is just a weight which will be used to weight the value you need
for the scoring.

FLUKA will take care of propagating to the scoring structure which in your
case should be a USRBIN with Cartesian mesh.

But, D_total cannot know unless all interactions are finished.

So, I would like to ask how to handle this.

At this stage I would suggest you to do a USERDUMP, save all the
information of the tracks you need and do the calculation offline.

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