[fluka-discuss]: Energy response - interpretation of results

From: Ewa.Nalichowska <Ewa.Nalichowska_at_ifj.edu.pl>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2015 22:10:06 +0200

Dear All,

I would like to ask you for help with my results’ interpretation and/or
finding mistakes in my understanding the problem. The short description
of the problem:

The goal: make a plot with energy response of detector (OSL) in
dependence of incident photon energy

Realization in fluka: I’m using flat, rectangular, monoenergetic field of
photons (with energy from 35 -1400keV) which pass through detectors. My
geometry: 4 identical OSL detectors placed on PMMA phantom; 3 of them are
behind shields (Cu, Al, ABS) and 4th is bare; all detectors are contained
in cassette (dosemeter) also made from ABS. I would like to obtain
energy response of each detector in dependence of incident photon energy.
For scoring I used USRBIN (I got energy deposited per cm3 per primary) and
USRTRACK (I got energy fluence in GeV per cm2 per primary). I normalized
all my results to water (another simulation where I replaced OSL material
to water)

Problem: I don’t know if I can understand energy response of detector as
energy fluence or energy deposited which I obtained directly from fluka.
I suppose that plot (made with data obtained from simulation) with
relative energy fluence is correct, because for high energies this
function is constant, but I can’t understand why on second plot with
relative energy deposited in detector this quantity is rising for high
I enclosed both plots, which are made on base of results from fluka. This
is my first simulation , so I would be grateful for any help or tips.

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