[fluka-discuss]: How to define an radioactive Isotope as source

From: Alexander Götzelmann <alexander.goetzelmann_at_hs-furtwangen.de>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 18:08:53 +0200

Dear FLUKA-Experts,

I'm an absolute FLUKA-beginner. I already worked the FLUKA-Course and
read the specific FLUKA-threads, but I still have some questions.

My Simulation object is an container for radioactive waste. The waste is
composed of several radioctive isotopes. The divergence type of the beam
is isotropic.
I'm just interested in the dose rate (caused only by prompt
gamma-radiation. Dose rate caused by secondaries like electrons or
positrons can be disregarded) in 1 m distance from the container.

So my question is: *how can I define the source consisting of one
radioactive isotope* (let's say CO-60). As suggested in the FLUKA-Course
I set SDUM = Isotope of the BEAM-Card and HI-PROP with A,Z-Settings and
the RADDECAY in Semi-Analogue mode.

But the Manual says, that the RADDECAY-Card "requests simulation of
decay of produced radioactive nuclides and allows to modify biasing and
transport thresholds (defined with other cards) for the transport of
decay radiation"[FLUKA-Manual].

But I'm not interested in the decay of produced radioactive nuclides. I
just want to simulate a radioactive isotope as source.

In Addition, I want to respect the intensity of the isotope. By setting
the IRRPROFI-Card I can define the intensity. But does this Card workes
in Semi-Analogue mode (without DCYTIMES-Card).

Do I have an error in reasoning ?

I would appreciate, if somebody can help me.


*Is EM-CASCA the appropriate default for my problem?*

Thank you,



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