[fluka-discuss]: DOSE and ENERGY deposition

From: Vadim Moskvin <vadim.p.moskvin_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 03:03:12 -0400

Dear Authors and Colleagues,

I have noticed a strange difference between DOSE and Energy deposition
(please see figures in the attachment). If the DOSE was calculating as
deposition from energy in a given bin accounting on a density of the
material where this deposition was and then after all, during the
post-processing, we divide on the bin volume, then we should not have this
artifact. Please advase what went wrong. It seems like the division on the
mass density were moved to post-processing (I had never seen this artifact
before). It could be that something went wrong in my coding...I will
appreciate your suggestion from fresh view on files.

Thank you,


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