Re: [fluka-discuss]: GCR modeling

From: Roman Savinov <>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 23:33:23 +0000

dear Anna,

sorry I forgot to include the .out file last time.
Since last time I simplified my input to the basic. This time I am trying to get same particle distribution as source which is 2003 and 2005 SPEs.
I set the source by choosing SPE-2003 or SPE-2005 in the SPECSOUR SDUM. My target is just a vacuum sphere.
I am using USRBDX and USRTRACK for scoring.
The problem is that the particle distribution doesn't fit the source.
Here is the source distribution from sep28oct2003.spc and sep20jan2005.spc:

Here is what I am getting:

Not only Proton spectra looks more like a straight line rather than a curve as in the source but there is also little to none difference between 2003 and 2005 cases.
Does my problem is with how I define the source or how I set up detectors or both?

I did not include some of the .fort files since they are too big.

thank you,


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