[fluka-discuss]: dose vs depth

From: Roman Savinov <rsavinov_at_calpoly.edu>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 03:44:17 +0000

dear Fluka experts,

I am trying to reproduce dose vs thickness plots (fig. 9) from this paper:


I am using USRBIN estimator with Nx=Ny=1 and looking at 1D projection to get dosage profile inside water slab.

The result of USRBIN is GeV/g per primary weight so to convert it to Gy I multiply it by 1.602e-7 conversion factor as explained in note 5 of USERBIN in manual.

Then, to get rid of primary, I multiply the result by normalization factor as was explained to me by Mikhail in this thread:


The problem is that the curve I am getting is too steep compared to fig. 9:


I'm trying to simulate the "72 LaRC" one (in the top right corner)

what Im getting:


I am confident that the source is modeled correctly since it's profile matches one in the paper (fig. 1)

Can you please point me at what I am doing wrong?

I know there are other ways to obtain dose like fluence-to-dose conversions, specifically Stefan Roesler's FLUSCW routine but I would like to know how to use USRBIN first.

thank you,


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