[fluka-discuss]: scoring GCR

From: Roman Savinov <rsavinov_at_calpoly.edu>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 06:01:47 +0000

dear Fluka experts,

I am scoring GCR using SPECSOUR (with GCR-IONF) and GCR-SPE (with NO-NORM) as a source and for detectors I am using USRBDX with AUXSCORE for heavy ions.

First of all, what I noticed in the result is that the error or uncertainty increases with the ion weight. For example Hydrogen has almost no error while Iron's error is quite large:


I used same exact settings for all ions.

Second, the scope of the energy range along which the ions are being scored shrinks as mass of the ion increases. For example, Hydrogen is span from 1 MeV/amu all the way to 1e6 MeV/amu while Iron is only span to about 20,000 MeV/amu.

Can someone explain why these two things happen and if anything can be done except increasing number of primaries?

thank you,


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