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10.5.2} Secondary particle emission with pointwise cross sections

 All secondary particles, neutrons, charged particles, recoils, are
 produced in a completely correlated manner, that is energy and
 momentum are conserved exactly at each neutron interactions.
 The user should be aware that the secondary particle distributions
 available in the evaluated data files are inclusive, that is they
 do not provide the correlations among the various products.
 Hence considerable work is required to develop interaction models
 which reproduce as much as possible the inclusive distributions
 provided in the evaluated data files, while at the same time
 generating fully correlated events.

 An exact reproduction of the inclusive distribution is sometimes
 impossible to achieve, priority is always given to match as
 much as possible the one of the emitted neutrons. Often evaluated
 data contain inclusive distributions which are plainly inconsistent
 with energy conservation for the given reaction channel. In those
 cases corrections with respect to the tabulated inclusive distributions
 are applied in order to bring them in compliance with basic conservation

 There are several degrees of arbitrariness in these procedures, particularly
 for complex reactions with many emitted secondaries. Physics considerations
 are applied in order to solve hopefully for the best these issues.
 However the user should not expect to obtain results which are *exactly*
 reproducing the inclusive distributions contained in the original
 evaluated data file.

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