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13.2.7} formfu.f nuclear form factor


     Argument list (all variables are input only):
          IJ     : particle code, except that it is set to 3 for both e+ and e-
          QU2    : squared momentum transfer (GeV/c)^2
          ZMEDIU : atomic number of target nucleus
          AMEDIU : atomic mass of target nucleus

 Function FORMFU can be used to override the standard value of the
 nuclear charge form factor. It must return the squared value of the
 nuclear charge form factor for particle IJ.
 The default version computes the form factor in Born approximation for
 a medium of given composition, using the simple expression given by
 Tsai [Tsa74], and accounts also for the contribution of incoherent
 The function is called by the multiple and single scattering routines if
 option MULSOPT has been issued with 
<t 0.0 for electrons and positrons, and
< 0.0 for hadrons and muons. See Note 2) to option MULSOPT.

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