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16.3.1} Earth atmosphere model

 The FLUKA package makes use of a density vs. height profile of atmosphere. An
 external program containing a functional fit to this profile
 has been used  to generate at the same time an input geometry file, together
 with the data cards for material description (each atmospheric layer, having
 its proper density, needs to be assigned a different FLUKA material).
 The geometry produced, and distributed with the name
 is a spherical representation of the whole Earth
 atmosphere.  The material definitions and assigment contained in the file correspond to the density profile of the U.S. Standard
 atmosphere. The cards contained in shall be included
 by the user in her/his input file.
 In addition, the user can specialize this geometry to a given geomagnetic
 latitude and longitude  with the help of the  atmloc_2011.f auxiliary program.
 In this way,  the geometry will contain only a slice of the atmosphere,
 centered on the given position. The local geometry file produced by
 atmloc_2011.f} is named  atmloc.geo.
 The user shall rename this geometry file for further use. More auxiliary
 files are  produced by  atmloc_2011.f: the file contain
 additional material assignments to be included in the input  together
 with the ones from; the file  atmloc.sur contains data
 used by FLUKA runtime, and normalization areas.

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