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18.12} Nuclear data and cross sections


 All the nuclear data used by the original evaporation routines by
 Dresner [Dre61] (see below), were replaced by Ferrari at an early stage
 with the most recent ones available from the NNDC database, thanks to the
 help of Federico Carminati. In 1990, the isotopic composition of elements
 was included, taken from modern evaluations.

 In 1991, the proton and neutron inelastic cross sections between 10
 and 200 MeV were updated by Ferrari and Sala with fits to experimental
 data. An accurate treatment of cross section energy dependence for
 all charged particles, independent of the step size, was introduced
 at that stage through the fictitious sigma method.

 Hadron-nucleus cross sections underwent further extensive reworking
 starting from 1994 by Ferrari and Sala. The present treatment is based
 on a novel approach blending experimental data, data driven theoretical
 approaches, PDG fits and phase shift analysis when available.

 Elastic scattering on hydrogen of protons, neutrons, and pions was
 rewritten from scratch in 1994 by Ferrari and Sala. The same work was
 done for kaons in 1997.

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