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3.1} Requirements


 FLUKA is available at the moment only for x86 and x86_64 Linux system.
 The FLUKA package can be downloaded from the FLUKA Website
 This version of the code should be run on the platforms for which it has been
 released, which are:

 o FLUKA 32 bits, requires gcc/g77 (version >= 3.4)
 o FLUKA 64 bits, requires gcc/gfortran (version >= 4.6)

 The Linux x86 version must be compiled at 32 bits with g77 but can run on both
 32 and 64 bit machines while the Linux x86_64 version must be compiled with
 gfortran and works only on 64 bits machines. The latter is still tentative, we
 cannot exclude some issues with that version. The code has been checked and
 validated only for these platforms/compilers for the time being.

 The availability of the source code (available under the license reported at
 the beginning of this volume) shall not be exploited for tentative builds on
 other architectures or with different compilers/compiler options than the ones
 recommended by the development team. Our experience shows that for a code of the
 complexity of FLUKA the chances of hitting one or more compiler issues are very
 large. Therefore users shall not make use for every serious task, including
 whichever form of publication or presentation, of code versions built on
 platforms and/or with compiler options which have not been cleared as safe by
 the development team.

 We distribute a package containing a compiled library, user routines in source
 form, INCLUDE files, various unformatted and formatted data files and a number
 of scripts for compiling (fff), linking (lfluka) and running (rfluka) the
 program on a given platform. A list of the contents is provided in a README
 file, and information on the current version, possibly overriding parts of the
 present manual, may be contained in a file RELEASE-NOTES.

 No external library routines are required. The timing and other necessary
 service routines are already included.

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