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5.3} Physical units


 Physical units consistently used in FLUKA input and output are:

    distance         cm (and derived units cm^2 for areas and cm^3 for volumes)
    energy           GeV
                     eV is used for average ionisation potential and for damage
                        energy threshold input by option MAT-PROP
                     g/(MeV cm^2) is used for the first Birks coefficient input
                        by option TCQUENCH, and g^2/(MeV^2 cm^4) for the second
    momentum         GeV/c
    temperature      degree Kelvin
    solid angle      sr (exception: degrees may be used, on user's request, with
                        option USRYIELD)
    magnetic field   T
    electric field   MV/m
    time             s (option TCQUENCH) or ns (option TIME-CUT)
    activity         Bq
    LET              keV/(micrometer g/cm^3)
    dose equivalent  pSv

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