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7.18} Biasing options

 When run in fully analogue mode, FLUKA allows the user to study fluctuations
 and correlations, and to set up a direct simulation of physical reality where
 all moments of phase space distributions are faithfully reproduced. On the
 other hand, in the many applications where only quantities averaged over many
 events are of interest, it is convenient to use calculation techniques
 converging to the correct expectation values but reducing the variance (or the
 CPU time, or both) by sampling from biased distributions. This is especially
 useful in deep penetration calculations, or when the results of interest are
 driven by rare physical interactions or cover a small domain of phase space.

 FLUKA makes available several biasing options. Some are easy to use, but others
 require experience and judgment, and often a few preliminary preparation runs
 are needed to optimise the biasing parameters.

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