TVF NMCRC is a powerful interface for writing and executing FLUKA input files. TVF (Testing & verification for FLUKA) - features a graphical interface for easy working in the FLUKA environment. It can be of help expecially for new users in order to build the FLUKA input files. By using it, you do not need to check how to write, how many "WHAT" you have to use, how many spaces you keep, what are the physical constants and other related questions.
The original version of this tool is available from the web page of the Negev Monte Carlo Research Center. (Sergei Homchenko, Maxim Shifrin and Dr. Shlomo Mark from Negev Monte Carlo Research Center, Israel)

How TVF NMCRC looks like

Installing TVF NMCRC

Download the latest version Tvf-v-2.21.tar.gz (Version 2.21 for FLUKA2006.3) file and expand it into a new directory. To open the program you have to run the tvf executable. There is an on-line manual available through the Help menu. A video file (11 min.) with instructions can be downloaded here

There is also a version of TVF which can be used also for free format in FLUKA2005.6

The presentation video about TVF is orginally available from here.

Here is an older version: TVF-NMCRC.tar.gz (Version 1.3 for FLUKA2005.6).


The NMCRC – Negev Monte Carlo Research Center, is a research center at the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE), a leading engineering college in Israel located on twin campuses in Beer-Sheva and Ashdod.

Our goals at NMCRC are to develop, upgrade and improved Monte Carlo based codes, by using software engineering methodologies.

The NMCRC members are:

Dr. Mark Shlomo - marks@sce.ac.il .

Dr. Shotland Yoram - yshotlan@sce.ac.il .

Dr. Shpongin Yosef - yosefs@sce.ac.il .

Prof. Oster Leonid - leonido@sce.ac.il .

Prof. Solomon Alan - alan@sce.ac.il .

For further information:

The NMCRC web Site - http://nmcrc.sce.ac.il

The SCE web Site - http://www.sce.ac.il

The TVF NMCRC code was written by Sergei Homchenko and Maxim Shifrin under the supervision of Dr. Mark Shlomo at the NMCRC. You can use the code freely but you have to credit the authors and the NMCRC – Negev Monte Carlo Research Center.

For further instruction please use the "Help" option.

For questions or problems please send us a mail to marks@sce.ac.il and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.