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Appendix B. GEANT4 example $\rightarrow$ FLUGG example:

  1. Copy /src and /include geant4 examples directories in emptyEx/
  2. Delete all classes exept:
    Detector Construction;
    Detector Parameterization;
    Magnetic Field Construction;
  3. Delete corresponding ``#include ..." lines in Detector Construction source file and variables definitions in the constructor, and corresponding class declarations and variable declaration in Detector Construction include file.
    Delete #include ``G4RunManager.hh" and lines where RunManager is invoked.
    Delete Detector messenger, initialization and destruction, delete code lines where Sensitive Detector is set (be aware of memory leaks!).
  4. Delete code lines where parameterization of processes for fast simulation is set (and visualization of ghost volumes).
  5. Delete commands for interactive definition of the calorimeter

Giuseppe Battistoni 2003-01-24