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Supported computers and operating systems

FLUGG is supported under the following operating systems:

Flavors of Unix (from vendors HP, DEC)
Linux on PC with g++ (egcs compiler)

Currently, this is the set of flavors which can be associated with the environment variable $G4SYSTEM to identify the system architecture and compiler used:

    UNIX    - HP-UX v.10.20, aCC v.1.23         G4SYSTEM: HP-aCC
              DEC-OSF/1 v.4.0, cxx 6.1          G4SYSTEM: DEC-cxx
    Linux   - Linux RedHat 6.1, g++ egcs 1.1.2  G4SYSTEM: Linux-egcs
              Linux RedHat gcc 2.95/gcc 2.96    G4SYSTEM: Linux-g++

Giuseppe Battistoni 2003-01-24