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11th Fluka Course, Prague, Czech Republic

Dates of course: December 5 - 9, 2011
Registration Not Opened



The venue takes place at the Institute of Information and Theory UTIA (Pod Vodárenskou věží 4, 182 08, Prague 8, see the map).

You can get there by subway (take Line C to the station Ládví) or by tram (take the trams 10, 17 or 24 to the stop Ládví). You can find bus connection information here.

Local Currency

The local currency is the Czech koruna or Czech crown (sign: Kč; code: CZK). The indicated prices in EUR inside brackets (~XXX EUR) assumed an exchange rate of 1 Czech koruna = 0.040803 Euros as it was on 17.09.2011


A large number of rooms have been reserved in two different hotels. In case you are interested in this solution, you must personally contact the preferred hotel at the indicated e-mail address within the respective deadline and finalize your booking mentioning the relevant booking code. The prices below are intended per night.

Hotel Ibis

  • Single room 50 EUR, breakfast included.
  • Double room 55 EUR, breakfast included.
Booking deadline: October 31
Booking code: FLUKA/412517

To get to the Course venue, take the tram 8 or 24 (at 3min walking distance) to the station Florenc (line C) and continue by subway to the station Ládví (18min journey).

Hotel Troja

  • Single room 1390 CZK (~57 EUR)
  • Double room 1490 CZK (~61 EUR)
  • Triple room 1790 CZK (~73 EUR)
Booking deadline: October 31.
Booking code: FLUKA
To get to the Course venue, take the tram 17 (at 1min walking distance) to the stop Ládví (6min journey).

Other accommodation

Other accommodation options can be found here.

Transportation in Prague

Tickets can be purchased from the machines in all metro stations and at the selected surface transit stops, in selected tobacco shops, or you can buy tickets via SMS (detailed information about the ticket sales can be found here ).
Fares are as follows:
  • Short-term, 24 CZK (~1 EUR) per trip (30 min)
  • Basic, 32 CZK (~1.30 EUR) per trip (90 min)
  • One-day ticket (24 hrs.), 110 CZK (~4.5 EUR)
  • Three-day ticket (72 hrs.), 310 CZK (~13 EUR)
See also Fares in Prague.

Last updated: 26th of September, 2011

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