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-- Fluka Release
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FLUKA 2021.2.9 has been released.

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Installation and running


How can I run several jobs simultaneously on different machines using a different random number sequence?


Set WHAT(2) in command RANDOMIZE equal to a different number for each independent job you want to run. You can then even run several jobs in a sequence for each number used. But remember that each sequence is independent of the others and creates its own series of seeds files, which cannot be mixed.


Can FLUKA be run under CYGWIN?


A FLUKA version for CYGWIN is presently being prepared and tested. Among others it has to be certified with a few benchmarking cases to verify its consistency with the default FLUKA version for Linux. This is a tedious process that needs some time. Once completed the CYGWIN-version will be announced on the FLUKA discussion list.


How do I compile the utility programs in $FLUPRO/flutil?


There is a Makefile for that purpose in the same directory which can be activated with the 'make' command. It is recommended to run 'make' during the installation of a FLUKA.

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