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FLUKA 2011.2x.6, March 20th 2019
(last respin March 2019)
flair-2.3-0 28-Apr-2017


Fluka Release
( 20.03.2019 )

FLUKA 2011.2x.6 has been released.

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This manual is a reference tool for preparing input for the FLUKA particle transport code. It is not complete and it is not guaranteed to be free from errors. It is continually evolving just as the code does. It should not be cited: the proper references to be cited in any recent work related to FLUKA are described in FAQ. In using the code, the user agrees on the authorship and copyright and hence is bound to quote those references.

Alberto Fassò, Alfredo Ferrari

Last updated: 19th of April, 2011

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