FLUKA-2003.1 release

From: Alfredo Ferrari (alfredo.ferrari@cern.ch)
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 19:16:00 CET

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    Dear colleagues

    FLUKA-2003.1 has been released today. You can find further infos in the
    RELEASE-NOTES file, which is attached below. Versions for a) Linux RedHat
    9 and Fedora 1, b) Linux RedHat 7.3 and 8.0, c) Compaq True Unix, d) HP-UX
    are available on our web site. The Sun version will be ready in a few
    weeks. The Linux versions include also some initial ion interaction
    capability (see the release notes for more details).

    On behalf of the FLUKA team, I would like to wish you and your families:

              Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    - Release notes for Fluka2003.1 -

    The ion capabilities are now more robust and hopefully can be used for starting
    real production runs. Therefore, *ONLY FOR THE LINUX VERSION*, the tar
    file now contains the ion interaction libraries as well. By default the
    normal executable does not link against those libraries. However an
    example link script (ldpmqmd) is provided for producing an ion capable
    executable. Two example input files, 12cqmd.inp, 12ctst.inp, are provided
    showing how to run an ion problem, from the beam card and from a source
    routine (the default one in this example). The present ion interaction
    capabilities are provided by DPMJET-2.5 above 5 GeV/n and by an extensively
    modified and improved version of rQMD-2.4 in between 100 MeV/n and 5 GeV/n.
    No ion interaction capability yet exists at energies below 100 MeV/n.
    Ion produced or falling below that energy are transported to rest according
    to their ionization losses and multiple Coulomb scattering without
    undergoing nuclear interactions. These ion interaction capabilities must
    be considered experimental at this stage.

    This release also contains important restructuring over Fluka2002.4b. A lot of
    cleanup/restructuring took place almost everywhere: please consider this
    release as somewhat risky, feedback is welcome.

    Not all the new features of Fluka2003 as presented in recent congresses
    are in, some of them are still out just because they are still felt as
    experimental and I (Alfredo) did not yet find the time to cleanup
    them once forever. They should make their way into the next release.

    The expiration date is one year in the future.

    A few technical warnings (some already present in the previous release):
    - the old options DUMPTHEM and LANDAU have been removed, substituted
      respectively by USERDUMP and IONFLUCT. The rationale is to remove all
      options whose original purpose is now meaningless or non-existent.
      The new use of these options is better underlined by the new names.
      These changes should laso avoid that (very) old input files containing
      these options are run without realizing they could do pretty different
      things. In order to assure a smooth transition, the old option names
      are still accepted and mapped on the new ones, with some complain in
      the output file (not forever!!)
    - Many commons had variables added/eliminated, please recompile and check
      your user routines. Some commons have been taken out, no one of interest
      for the user as far as I remember.
    - A huge amount of behind the scene cleanup has been done, mostly but not only
      in the electromagnetic part. Whole routines disappeared (natural evolution).
      It should be completely transparent for the generic user.
    - Versions compiled under RedHat 7.3 (gcc-2.96) and RedHat 9.0 (gcc-3.2.2) are
      now provided for Linux, the latter being the default one. The RH7.3 version
      should work flawlessly under RedHat 8 as well, but we do no longer have any
      RH8 machine to confirm this. Versions for RedHat 6.x or RedHat 7.0, 7.1
      and 7.2 are no longer available, if you use such very old operating system
      versions or equivalent, please upgrade if you need to use Fluka; we have
      no way to produce a working FLUKA version for them. Thanks to RedHat
      crazy policy of breaking compatibilities all the time, the RH7.3 version
      will not run work under RH7.x, x < 3. I can no longer provide a third
      (RH7.x, x<3) FLUKA version, sorry.

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    |  CERN-AB                        ||  Fax.: +41.22.767.7555                  |
    |  1211 Geneva 23                 ||  e-mail: Alfredo.Ferrari@cern.ch        |
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