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Date: Thu Dec 22 2005 - 21:51:54 CET

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    I am very new to fluka and try to understand it.
    I have a question regarding SCORE command.
    Assume I have given the command to the inp file,
    following way.

    SCORE 208. 211. 201. 8.
       0. 0.
    EVENTDAT -23. 0. 0. 0.
       0. 0. EVT.SCOR

    Then it will produce a file somethin.EVT.SCOR and I
    used the proram to read this file ( rdevdt.f). It
    gives an output file with the energy deposition in
    each region.

    My question: What are the units of energy in each
    region corrosponding to score 208? Is it GeV or
    Gev/cm^3 ?

    When SCORE 208 , manual says it gives total energy
    deposition. Does this include the em energy which
    comes from SCORE 211?



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