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Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 15:41:02 CET

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    Dear FLUKA users,
    the FLUKA team is working to organize a 5-day FLUKA course to be held
    in University of Pavia (Italy) from March 27 to 31.
    The aim of the course, which will be mainly (but not completely) dedicated
    to new users, is to provide the fundamental training for the correct and
    successful use of FLUKA, giving emphasis to the features of the FLUKA2005
    version. At the same time, the physics models of FLUKA will be reviewed
    (see below). A consistent fraction of time will be dedicated to practical
    exercises and problem solving.

    We therefore ask you to spread this notice, giving priority to possibly
    interested new users.

    The number of availble places is limited to 23-25 at maximum.
    Interested people should send an expression of interest by
    e-mail writing to Applications will be considered
    according to arrival order.
    No financial support is possible.

    Logistical details will be sent later, however news about travqel and
    hotels can be found at

    Arrival is expected on Sunday March 26th. The course should end on Friday
    March 31st by 5 pm.

    Use of personal laptop can be considered provided that Linux
    RH9.0 or Scientific Linux or Fedora Core (1, 2 or 3) is installed.
    Fedora Core 4 is also a possible choice, provided that the various
    compat-gcc32-* compilers are installed.

    A preliminary list of lectures is the following:

    FLUKA installation
    Handling of simple pedagogical cases
    The use of the Combinatorial Geometry of FLUKA
    The e.m. model of FLUKA
    The hadronic models in FLUKA
    The low energy neutron model in FLUKA
    The different FLUKA outputs
    The inclusion of user routines
    New geometries in FLUKA
    Plotting and analysis utilities
    Biasing techniques in FLUKA
    Use of geometry constructors
    Statistical problems related to MC use
    Handling of FLUKA errors

            Giuseppe Battistoni for the FLUKA team

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