RE: more questions on new radioactive decay options

From: Zanini Luca (
Date: Fri Jan 20 2006 - 13:11:23 CET

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    Hi Alfredo,

    yes you were right, the FLUKA/ORIHET3 for these two nuclides went astray.

    The reason is that I wrote a program to read the FLUKA output and convert it
    to the Orihet input, but since I never used the isomeric states before, it
    did not read the isomeric states that were listed this time at the bottom of
    the file, thanks to the RADDECAY option.

    In fact I used the RADDECAY card and two RESNUCLEI cards, one to produce
    the output after 24 hours decay (unit 41) and the other one to produce the
    output to be further processed by ORIHET (unit 42). Having RADDECAY set to
    patch the isomers, also on unit 42 the isomers are specified, even though
    for that unit there is no decay calculation, only production rates.

    IRRPROFI 1.296E7 1.872E14
    RADDECAY 1. 1.
    DCYTIMES 1. 8.64E4 6.05e5 2.59e6 5.18e6 1.56e7
    RESNUCLEI 3. 41. 13. REG13
    RESNUCLEI 3. 42. 13. REG13

    Perhaps (just a suggestion) it would be better to have the possibility to
    specify the patching of the isomers on the RESNUCLEI card, what you think?

    In any case, now the comparison is 100% perfect, excellent!

    Thanks, Luca

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