TARC and other examples please

From: Norman Furlong (furlong.norman@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 00:24:12 CEST

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    I'm a FLUKA beginner and was poring over the fluka-discuss archives in an
    effort to learn more about the tool. A posting in April 2003 mentioned that
    FLUKA was verified against experimental results in paper on TARC. I tried
    to get a copy of the referenced paper online and was asked for a userid and
    password. What I'm really interested in is any and all examples of FLUKA
    input files, along with their results compared against experimental
    findings. In the example mentioned in the post, did anyone come up with a
    corrected version of test.inp or cernexp.inp? And if so, where in the
    output does one find the values that they put in their (albeit inaccurate)

    Proton Energy FLUKA LAHET FLUKA
    (GeV) (Ref. [2]) (Ref. [2]) (our results)
    0.7 18.75 21.20 14.33
    1.0 31.01 35.19 22.46
    2.0 68.34 75.75 43.86


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