Re: Problems in Fluka first running

From: Francesco Cerutti (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 12:17:26 CEST

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    Dear Ruiguang Wang,

    > 1. After end of Fluka run, only test001_fort.47 was produced. (without
    > *.48-*.51);

    In fact in your input you have four estimators (two USRTRACK and two
    USRBIN) and you are asking to put all the USTRACK results on the
    (formatted) unit 47 and the USRBIN results on the standard output (in
    the first card of each USRBIN pair you left WHAT(3) blank, so the default
    value, i.e. 11.0, is taken, corresponding to test001.out).

    > 2. When runing "usxsuw" with a input of test001_fort.47,

    test001_fort.47 can be directly read and handled since it is formatted.
    The utilities in flutil (usxsuw,usbsuw,ustsuw...) require as input
    unformatted files (WHAT(3) negative on the first estimator card, e.g.
    -47.0), less heavy than formatted ones. Moreover, to read USRTRACK
    output files, you will have to use ustsuw and not usxsuw.


    Francesco Cerutti
    CH-1211 Geneva 23
    tel. ++41 22 7678962

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