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Date: Wed Oct 11 2006 - 09:29:44 CEST

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    Hi all

    a respin version of Fluka2006.3 is available since monday on the Fluka web
    It contains only some (rare) crash fix, a feature enhancement requested by
    Alice, an increase of the max. number of allowed regions to 20000, and
    (the only item with physics impact) the rolling back of a new feature
    in Dpmjet-3 which we believe should be better tested before being exposed
    to the users.

    In particular:

    a) the 232-Th issue (crash while generating beta+/- spectra) is solved.
        It turned out to be a bug in the Brookhaven database for beta
        emissions, where some of the end-points are incorrectly listed as
        "0" energy. For all users, please if you find in your .err files
        messages like

      *** Slgmbt: A xxx Z yyy E_end kkkkkk

        report them to me or to this list. I fixed the 232-Th specific one but
        I suspect there could a few other similar quirks in the database. I
        protected the code from crashing if another of these issues is met at
        run time: in this case you get the above message and the emission is
        simply ignored. However in the long term I would like to solve all of
        them fixing the database, hence the need for reporting them.

    b) Primary ionizations (if activated) are now recorded together with the
        position where they occurred (Alice folks, please let me know if it
        works as advertised)

    c) The maximum number of region prototypes is now 20000 (still to be made
        active thru a GLOBAL card). As usual, lattices can be used to replicate
        identical regions as many times as you like. replicas are not subject
        to this limit

    d) A rare "array out of boundary" crash when the new high energy model
        generator is activated is fixed

    e) The threshold region for photon -> mu+ mu- is now better protected,
        hence rare crashes when an interaction was called below threshold
        because of the finite grid of xsec tabulations should be solved
        (SLAC guys, please check)

    f) A possible issue with FLUGG when photonuclear interactions are
        activated has been solved

    g) A change in the p_t distribution of hadrons for DPMJET-3 events has
        been momentarily withdrawn. The change is beneficial when comparing to
        exp. p_t data, however it has some minor unwanted effect on particle
        multiplicity. It requires some global retuning of hadronization
        parameters before being inserted again.

    I would like to issue a warning which can be of interest for some users.
    When BOXes or other deprecated shapes (ie ARB's) are used in the geometry
    it is mandatory to write the geometry in the high precision fixed format
    (the one with 3 numbers each 22 field long on each line for a body), or
    in the new name based free format PROVIDING ALL DIGITS up to the 16th one.
    This because, ie for BOXes, faces must be EXACTLY perpendicular to allow
    the code run properly. Failure to do so, or geometry inputs given in the
    standard "low" precision format (six numbers per line) will always result
    in geometry errors. Those errors will be dramatically more frequent when
    particles come at grazing incidence to one of the face and can result in
    nonsense results. As usual, the safest line of action is not to use the
    "deprecated" shapes (ARB BOX RAW WED).


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