recoil spectrum from low energy neutrons in lAr

From: Lev Shekhtman (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 13:06:31 CET

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    Dear FLUKA authors, I did not get reply to my previous mail on this
    subject and I repeat my questions. I am trying to get energy spectrum of
    recoils in lAr target irradiated with low energy neutrons (1 to 15 MeV). I
    see that for monoenergetic neutrons the energy of recoils is always the same. I am
    looking at it with USERDUMP option and with code 30 (target recoil) I get
    always the same energy deposition.

    Is it average energy of recoils at a given energy of incident neutron?

    Is there any way within FLUKA to get realistic energy distribution of

    Regards, Lev.


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